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  Multiple Disparate Data Sources All the text data sources have to be identified Text data source maybe: web pages scrapped or crawled over internet databases for various systems and inter relationships data warehouses text files or logs live incoming text information e.g. live chat combination of above Aggregation Data from all these sources is

Why state (session) management ? State management is one of the most challenging aspects of software development. It is one of the biggest source for most of the bugs. Applications like eCommerce sites that handle shopping carts, user preferences, recommendations and user account details have to manage state for its various on page components. Difficulties

  Since 2013, 10 billion records have been stolen due to data breach. On an average 60 records get stolen every second. While the average cost of breach for a company is around $200 per record, what is really lost is the confidence of its customers, the damage to a businesses reputation/brand and the legal

When it comes to maps, Google is considered the undisputed market leader. But its pricing plans are driving a lot of businesses towards an Open Source Mapping option called “OpenStreetMap” (OSM for short). A mobile app business with a large customer base and using Google geocoding javascripts calls can quickly run into tens of thousands

Selenium Webdriver has become the defacto standard when it comes to automating Web Application Testing. The recent trends in frontend JavaScript framework like Angular has posed challenges for automation test engineers. Protractor, an open source end-to-end testing framework for AngularJS applications combines tools and technologies like Selenium, webDriver, Jasmine, Cucumber and Mocha and has a

If you are using Atmosphere framework for developing Asynchronous Application , you end up using a broadcaster for delivering messages to its subscribed Atmosphere resources (clients). An application can subscribe to one or more Broadcasters to get notified about events from server. A Broadcaster implements the publish/subscribe paradigm. Losing Messages ? Atmosphere fails to publish

While Web and Mobile accessibility guidelines had been published by most government agencies for decades, some recent federal cases have put focus back on businesses to treat compliance with utmost seriousness. On June 13, 2017 in the first trial of its kind under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) a federal judge in Florida ruled

For developers that are accustomed to Object Oriented paradigm, traditional JavaScript programming poses a challenge. Non object oriented code is difficult to manage and the complexity only grows as the size of the project. This is where Typescript wins over JavaScript. TypeScript is an open source syntactic superset of JavaScript that compiles to JavaScript (EcmaScript

GraphQL is a query language and runtime for your API created by Facebook. GraphQL is a query string interpreted by a server that returns the result in a specified format. (GraphQL provides a common interface between client and server for fetching data from server or data manipulation). The client can ask for the required data